Jodi Okun hosts a weekly live Twitter chat for parents & students about the college process.  Learning the ropes from experienced professionals ensures that your family will get all your questions answered.

Deadlines, new terminology and just plain no extra time can make the college process for your child’s education a challenge but procrastinating in this case can mean loss of funding & missed deadlines which can seriously change the whole plan. Don’t let these obstacles change your family’s dream of higher education. This weekly opportunity will give you the chance to ask questions and plan!

Each week, Jodi hosts #CollegeCash with a new topic that will help parents and students learn what they need in order to be successful in their pre-college planning. By bringing in guests with varied backgrounds and sharing with others in the live Twitter stream, you will have the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

Want more information? Please check out College Financial Aid Advisors on the web or tweet @JodiOkun with any questions that you might have about #CollegeCash. Hope to see you each week on Thursday nights at 8 pm EST/5pm PST!

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