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Unlock Your College Dreams

Personalized Financial Aid Guidance
Are you ready to embark on your college journey with confidence?


With my fifteen years of experience, tailoring financial aid strategies to your unique needs empowers you to plan for college success.

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Financial Aid Process

I've simplified the intricate financial aid process, providing step-by-step guidance from FAFSA and CSS Profile to scholarships.

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I offer seamless application support, ensuring your submissions stand out while navigating deadlines with confidence.

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Dedicated Support

With Jodi, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one service through various communication channels. You’ll have access to valuable resources and stay informed about the latest industry trends.

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What We Help

Let’s Talk About Financial Aid

College Financial Aid Advisors
Jodi is here to simplify your financial aid journey, starting as early as your junior year of high school. With a personalized timeline, we’ll tackle each step together, ensuring you stay on track. Let’s collaborate to secure the best financial aid for your family!

The FAFSA is key to unlocking most federal, state, and institutional financial aid. It’s vital to complete it accurately and on time. Surprisingly, the U.S. Department of Education notes that many miss out on the fullest aid possible due to errors in their FAFSA.

CSS Profile
The CSS Profile is a critical application required by some private colleges to determine eligibility for institutional financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Let’s work together to ensure your CSS Profile is accurate and submitted on time, , so you can access financial resources.

Verification is a crucial step in the financial aid process, ensuring the accuracy of your application information. Many families find this process complex and time-consuming, but with my expert guidance, you can breeze through it. Let’s work together.

Award Letter
Understanding award letters can be tricky, Jodi is here to make it straightforward. She’ll help you grasp the real costs of college and guide you through your financial aid options. Together, Jodi will ensure you choose the best package aligned with your goals and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial aid?
Financial aid refers to monetary assistance provided to students and their families to help cover the costs of education, including tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.
Who is eligible for financial aid?
Eligibility for financial aid is determined by factors such as family income, household size, and the cost of attending college. Most students are eligible for some form of financial aid.
What types of financial aid are available?
Financial aid comes in various forms, including grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and loans. Grants and scholarships are typically “free money” that does not need to be repaid, while loans require repayment with interest.
How do I apply for financial aid?
To apply for financial aid in the United States, you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or, in some cases, the CSS Profile for institutional aid. Be sure to check with your college or university for specific application requirements.
When should I apply for financial aid?
It’s crucial to apply for financial aid as early as possible, as some aid programs have limited funds. The FAFSA opens on October 1st each year, so aim to submit your application well before college deadlines.
What information do I need to complete the FAFSA?
You’ll need information about your income, assets, and tax returns. It’s helpful to have your parents’ financial information if you’re a dependent student.
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