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Find Your Perfect Fit with College Ave Student Loans

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Find Your Perfect Fit with College Ave Student LoansIt is almost the end of the year and high school seniors should be well on their way to making some tough decisions about their college choices. If you applied early decision or early action, you may even have started receiving letters of acceptance from some of your colleges. Along with those letters you should also receive a financial aid award package. This is where the rubber really meets the road when it comes to figuring out whether or not you can afford to attend a particular college.

Take a close look at these letters, as each could be different. If they list lots of grants and scholarships, that is a very good thing for you and your family, as that is money that will not have to be repaid so long as you meet the listed requirements. A federal work-study job can also be a great way of learning a little more about the job world while earning some money towards your education. The letter will also list how much money you and your parents are eligible to borrow in the form of federal student loans.

If you find that there will still be money due after all these amounts are taken consideration, then it is time to consider private student loans. Unlike federal student loans, these are all different depending on the lender, so you really have to look for the lender that fits your needs like a glove. One company that has a new and fresh way of managing the student loan experience is College Ave Student Loans. First of all, it is important to note that College Ave only focuses on student loans – so they really work hard to make sure they provide the options that meet the needs of their borrowers, instead of just offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are a few of the ways College Ave strives to create a better loan experience:

• Easy Applications: After completing admission applications, financial aid applications and scholarship applications, you’re probably just a little tired of complex application forms. That’s why you will really appreciate the simplicity of the College Ave application. They take you step-by-step through the process using a few basic questions, and you can get an answer within a matter of minutes. You can even apply from a mobile device so you can apply whenever you find you have some extra time in your schedule.

• Plenty of Options: Like options? Not to worry – College Ave has different types of loans, interest rates, and repayment plans available. Whether you need undergraduate loans, graduate loans, or parent loans, they’ve got you covered. You can even choose the loan repayment term that works best for you. If you are trying to compare options, use the handy loan calculator to make sure there are no unexpected surprises down the road.

• Lots of Help: Their website provides plenty of information to educate you about the whole college process, and reviews show that their customer service is one-of-a-kind as well. A pleasant surprise is that they also have different contests and scholarships that can put a little extra cash in your pocket. Check out the monthly College Ave Student Loans Scholarship and you could win $1,000 for school, or the Fall 2018 Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes where you can win everything you need for your trip home this holiday season. Enter by December 31, 2018 for a chance to win one of three prizes, each containing: $500 Visa Gift Card, The North Face Duffel, Bose Headphones, $50 Starbucks Gift Card and an Apple iPad.

If you are already making payments on existing student loans, be sure to consider refinancing your student loans a  with College Ave

All in all, College Ave Student Loans is the perfect combination of options, support and simplicity. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air in all your college application craziness? If you’re borrowing money for college with a private student loan, make sure you find a lender that fits your needs.

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