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The CFAA Scholarship Process


The College Financial Aid Advisors Scholarship Process is designed to provide personalized support and guidance to students seeking scholarships to fund their education.


If you have ever tried to find college scholarships, but can’t uncover any that are applicable to your unique nature, or just can’t seem to get yourself organized, perhaps all you need is a little help and support.


Our team of experienced advisors work with each student and parent one-on-one to create a unique individualized strategy to search for scholarships. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to help students maximize their chances of finding scholarships and minimize their stress throughout the process. We are committed to helping students from all backgrounds access the financial resources they need to succeed in college.



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    CFAA will provide ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to help organize your scholarship search to get you on track to finding money to help pay for college.

    Here’s what you’ll receive:

    • Receive A Complete Planning Packet: Read your Complete Planning Packet to learn what the process involves, with reminders of important steps that need to be taken you apply for scholarships.
    • Find What Makes You Unique: We’ll identify during our one hour meeting what makes you stand out, so you can focus on finding scholarships related to your unique characteristics, interests and abilities. 
    • Scholarship Search: CFAA will introduce you to national scholarship websites with comprehensive database matches to identify scholarships for you to apply for.
    • Personalized Scholarship List: You will learn to find scholarship links and scholarship opportunities selected just for you by you. 
    • Organize, Track and Apply: Students will receive a personalized CFAA Excel Student Spreadsheet so you will be able to track each scholarship application.
    • Maximize Scholarship Data: You will have your own personal CFAA Tracking Form, unique scholarship email address, to effectively eliminate spam and junk email, and focus attention on important notices from scholarship sponsors.
    • Access Resources: Students registered for the CFAA Scholarship Process will receive useful informational articles to help you learn more about the art of winning scholarships.

     Together we will get you on the road to finding and winning scholarships to help pay those college bills.

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    Some scholarships are available for as little as a few hundred dollars, but many more are available that can add up to thousands of dollars of free money for you, if you continue to meet the scholarship eligibility requirements! That’s what makes the CFAA Scholarship Program so very affordable.


    For just a flat fee, you will receive three months of personalized insights, opportunities, and support to help get you organized and make sure you don’t miss any important scholarship listings that match your capabilities.


    Although we can’t guarantee that you will win any scholarships, we will definitely give you the best shot at finding the scholarships that are most suited to you, and making sure you meet application requirements within the given deadlines.

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