College Financial Aid Advisors Scholarship


What They Say About Jodi?

Noreen -

"Operation Jump Start (OJS) is community-based youth development organization with a mission to provide structure and resources for disadvantage youth to reach their full potential through a college education. To that end OJS provides five years of mentoring and educational programming to each at-risk student served. Jodi lead educational workshops such as presentations on College Financial Aid."

Jackie and Bock Temple -

"College Financial Aid Advisors is what every busy (and even if you are not that busy) parent needs to smoothly navigate the financial aid sea of paperwork and deadlines- most especially if your child applies to several universities!!! Jodi made the process easy, and stress free. She was there every step of the way."

Josh Norman -

"Jodi is an extraordinarily hardworking individual of warm character. It has been both my pleasure, and good fortune to have worked with such an individual as Jodi through numerous obstacles and moments of crises that were not only overcome, but made infinitely more manageable thanks to her expertise and willingness to take extra steps in order to ensure that the job got done properly."

Gene, Kathy and Daniele Schugg -

"When you find out how difficult just choosing a college for your child is, wait until you take on the challenging financial aid process!! Jodi has the experience and knowledge to navigate this financial maze. She kept us on task, completed forms and made phone calls until our daughters UCLA financial package was finalized and confirmed. Gene and I would definitely hire her."

Kristi Nishihira -

"Jodi guided me and my parents through the many hurdles of the financial aid process. Not only did she answer any questions that we had, but she made the whole process seem so easy. We are grateful for her assistance."

Eric Chang -

"I wholeheartedly recommend Jodi for her outstanding assistance with the CSS Profile and FAFSA. Her expertise, patience and dedication significantly alleviated the stress associated with these financial aid applications, contributing to a positive outcome for our family."

Valerie Brito and Family -

"Jodi unraveled the financial mystery attributed to colleges. She completes the FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC Documents and later guides you when you receive financial aid award letters, in an INCREDIBLY organized and timely manner. This is aside from her friendly, helpful and bubbly personality and her over qualified breadth of knowledge."

Glenn and Colleen -

"My wife and I did extensive internet research on the financial aid process and tried to leave no stone unturned. Jodi unearthed some stones that we missed, and was a wealth of information. She was an invaluable guide to us through the myriad of applications and in securing a great work study job for our son."

Kathy & Greg Roche -

"We would recommend working with Jodi in a heartbeat! We could not have been as successful without Jodi’s expertise and wealth of knowledge. Jodi assisted us with the completion & filing of various financial aid forms and helped us to understand the details of how the college financial aid maze works. With Jodi’s assistance we were able to maximize the amount of scholarship"

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