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Our Top Questions for Admissions Offices During College Campus Visits

Planning college visits this spring? Learn our top questions for admissions offices to ask during your trips to learn more about the schools
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Spring is here – and March, in particular, has ushered in the famous “March Madness” tournament. But around here, March Madness is about more than just basketball! High school seniors are determining where they’re going to school and how to pay. High school juniors are beginning to get their college application journey started. All of these events (including the basketball tournament!) will definitely result in big celebrations. But until then, it can feel chaotic and overwhelming – especially to those juniors who are figuring out their college application to do list. One of the biggest ways to kick off the to do list is to begin setting up campus visits. Campus visits are critical to determining if a particular school will make it to the final list for applications.  

Why Plan Campus Visits? 

The purpose of campus visits are to determine if the atmosphere and location are a good fit for you. It’s also a great chance to meet members of the school and subgroups around campus that might be a potential part of your student’s experience there. On the blog, I’ve shared tips about what to ask the financial aid office during campus visits but today, I want to discuss questions that you should ask an admissions office. These questions will help you and your student determine if it makes sense to apply to this school. 

What benefits can this college offer me? 

Although attending college provides many benefits in terms of expanding your horizons, introducing you to new people, and helping you grow up, the primary purpose is to provide an education that will help you achieve your life goals beyond college. So, get serious and ask detailed questions about how each specific college prepares its graduates for the next life phase. It’s smart to ask how many students graduate – and how many of them are doing so within 4 years. 

Get a list of professors and classes in your field of study to see if they interest you, ask about internship and job placement assistance, and find out how many students go on to jobs in their major and how much they earn. This is a two way street – so don’t be surprised if you’re also asked questions. They want to learn about you. You both have to decide if you’re the right fit! 

What are your application deadlines? 

Make sure you completely understand the differences between admissions and financial aid deadlines. Pay particular attention to those that go with the colleges you are most interested in attending. Find out if they offer early decision, early action, regular admissions or rolling admissions so you don’t get left out by missing a deadline. Early admissions is a great way to lift a big of stress during your senior year! 

What are your admission requirements? 

Understand exactly what you need to do to apply to this college and your major. Find out which application form they subscribe to, their test requirements and how much they rely on test scores, how many letters of reference are needed, and learn whether you have to submit a portfolio or video as part of your application package. You want to understand what they look for in potential students. It’s also important to  know how they evaluate applicants during the admissions decision process. When you get home, begin planning out all of your upcoming deadlines so you don’t forget a thing! 

What other information is available? 

Other questions might elicit answers that give you that one little morsel which indicates that perhaps this is the college for you. Find out whether they have a substantial grant and scholarship program, learn about on-campus and off-campus work opportunities, and ask if there are clubs that focus on your major or if you can start one, because you want to find out what is different about this college or why other students choose to attend it. Learn whatever you can about what matters most to you during your college experience. 

Remember,  you are trying to determine whether the campus is comfortable for you, and whether you are the type of student who will thrive here. Collecting information now will help you in narrowing your college list. All of this information will also help you make a solid application plan so you don’t miss a single thing. 

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