College Financial Aid Advisors Scholarship

Case Study

Empowering a Single Mother and Son’s Journey to the University of Miami

I had the privilege of working with Ms. Rodriguez, a single mother raising her son, Daniel. Facing the absence of Daniel’s father in their lives, Ms. Rodriguez was determined to provide her son with the opportunity to attend the University of Miami, a prestigious institution that aligned with Daniel’s academic and career aspirations.
The Challenge
With the dream of attending the University of Miami, Daniel faced a significant financial barrier. Ms. Rodriguez, as the sole provider for the family, had to navigate the complexities of the financial aid application process to make her son’s dream a reality.

Action Steps


Early Exploration of Financial Aid Options

Recognizing the importance of early planning, I guided Ms. Rodriguez in exploring various financial aid options available to them. This included federal aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), institutional scholarships offered by the University of Miami using the CSS Profile, and external scholarships aligned with Daniel's academic and extracurricular achievements.


Maximizing Federal Aid Eligibility

Given Ms. Rodriguez's status as a single parent, we focused on maximizing Daniel's eligibility for federal aid. We ensured that their FAFSA accurately reflected their financial situation and helped them navigate any special circumstances, such as the absence of the non-custodial parent.


Research and Application for External Scholarships

Together with Daniel, we identified and applied for external scholarships that suited his academic achievements, leadership qualities, and community involvement. This included local, national, and scholarship programs specifically targeting single-parent households.


Engaging with the University's Financial Aid Office

I encouraged Ms. Rodriguez to communicate with the University of Miami's financial aid office to explain her situation. We discussed Daniel's academic achievements, his passion for attending the university, and she provided any necessary documentation to support their financial aid application.


Financial Aid Package

Through a combination of federal aid, institutional scholarships, and external scholarships, Daniel received a comprehensive financial aid package that significantly reduced the financial burden of attending the University of Miami. This included grants, merit-based scholarships, and work-study opportunities.

Access to Support Services

The University of Miami also offered support services for students facing unique challenges, including those from single-parent households. This ensured that Daniel had access to resources that would enhance his academic success and overall college experience.


This case study highlights the determination and resilience of a single mother, Ms. Rodriguez, in overcoming financial barriers to support her son’s aspirations. By strategically navigating the financial aid application process and seeking out available scholarships and support services, Ms. Rodriguez successfully empowered Daniel to enroll in the University of Miami, opening doors to a bright future and fulfilling his academic dreams.
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