College Financial Aid Advisors Scholarship

Case Study

Navigating Financial Aid for Divorced Families with Educational Aspirations

I recently worked with the Williams family, who faced the unique challenge of having divorced parents, each responsible for completing financial aid applications for their two children attending tuition-charging schools. The family’s goal was to secure assistance to facilitate their daughter’s desire to attend a private college in another state.
The Challenge
The Williams family consisted of two households, each with three members – one parent and two children. The children attended private schools in grades K-12, and the elder daughter, Sarah, expressed a strong desire to enroll in a prestigious private college in another state. However, the family was grappling with the financial strain of tuition and related expenses, compounded by the complexities of managing two separate households.

Action Steps


Individualized Financial Aid Applications

Recognizing the unique circumstances of the divorced family, I assisted each parent in completing the necessary financial aid applications, including the CSS Profile for both parents and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any institution-specific forms required by the private school Sarah wished to attend. Each parent's financial situation was carefully considered to maximize eligibility for need-based aid.


Coordination of Information

Coordination between the two parents was essential. I facilitated communication to ensure that both parents were aware of the financial aid application process and deadlines. Transparency was crucial to prevent any lapses or discrepancies that could affect the overall aid package.


Navigating School-Specific Aid Programs

The private school in another state had specific scholarship and financial aid programs. I worked closely with family, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their situation and emphasizing Sarah's academic achievements, extracurricular involvement and their need for financial aid.


Addressing Legal Complexities

Given the legal complexities of divorced families, I ensured that all required documentation, such as divorce decrees and child custody arrangements, was properly handled. This helped to clarify the family's financial structure and the responsibilities of each parent.


Tailored Financial Aid Packages

By approaching the financial aid applications strategically, the family received a tailored aid package that considered their individual financial situations. This included a combination of grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities, minimizing the financial burden on both households.

Successful Enrollment in Private College

Sarah was able to enroll in the private college in another state, supported by the financial aid packages secured for her tuition and related expenses. The family's collaborative effort and effective communication contributed to the success of the application process.


This case study illustrates the importance of personalized guidance for divorced families navigating financial aid applications for private colleges. By addressing the unique challenges of two separate households and coordinating efforts effectively, the Williams family successfully secured the financial support needed to fulfill Sarah’s educational aspirations at a private college in another state.
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