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Stop at College Ave Student Loans to Cover Last-Minute College Financing Needs

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Stop at College Ave Student Loans to Cover Last-Minute College Financing NeedsIt is finally August and we are all trying to squeeze in every last minute of summer fun before the back-to-school rush begins. For many families this means some last minute shopping for clothing, school supplies and dorm accessories, but for those with students already in college or about to start college, it might mean a mad scramble to put the finishing touches of their financing package in place.

As the new college year gets closer to reality, some families are finally looking at the exact cost involved in sending their child to college, and some might be realizing they are in for a bit of a financial shortfall. The tuition bills arrived, with listings for the exact amount of tuition, room and board, and fees. The college subtracted the final amount the student is receiving in financial aid. Whatever remains is due and payable immediately.

A hoped-for scholarship or gift from a relative might not have come through as expected. Or the family may not have completely calculated the full costs of travel back and forth to the campus, books, lab fees, data plans, living expenses and some extra entertainment money. Whatever the reason for the shortfall, they need to find some money quickly.

If all of the federal student loan options have been utilized, then it is time to turn to private student loans. One company that provides a better student loan experience is College Ave Student Loans. They have made it simple to apply – it only takes about three minutes on a laptop or mobile device with their easy-to-use application. Select your loan type – undergraduate loan, graduate loan, career loan, or parent loan . Applicants get an instant decision, so you’ll immediately know where you stand.

Those who are not sure whether they qualify for a student loan can access their free credit pre-qualification tool. If a cosigner is involved, get them to use the tool so you will know whether you qualify and what interest rates you can expect from College Ave. Using this tool does not impact your credit score.

Available loan amounts for undergraduates start at $1,000, and you may be able to borrow enough money to cover up to 100% of your school-certified costs of attendance, depending on your financial situation. There are no application fees, and no penalties if you are able to payoff your loan earlier than anticipated. Competitive fixed and variable interest rates are available, and there is even an auto pay discount. If you are not sure how much your loan will cost, use the handy student loan calculator so you will know exactly what is involved. You can also calculate how much money you can save by making payments while you are in school.

When it comes time for borrowers to start making payments, there are a number of helpful options and repayment plans available. You can choose full principal and interest, interest only, flat $25 payments or deferred payments to suit your budget needs. Plus you’ll be able to pick a repayment term that fits in best with your other financial requirements.

College Ave stacks up pretty well overall against the other private student loan lenders. It has an equal or more number of repayment options, and is the only one that lets you apply in three minutes and choose the number of years that you want to take to repay your loan. Current customers seem to agree – out of 371 reviews, 321 were 5 stars! Comments like “easy process,” “good customer service,” or “great communication” support these positive reviews. In fact, the word “easy” is found quite frequently in review customer statements, and that’s not something you hear a lot when talking about private student loan lenders.

When it comes to student loans, College Ave is the complete package – easy, flexible and personal. You have a lot to do with your last precious few days of summer fun, so don’t spend your valuable time searching for private student loans to cover last-minute college financing needs. Make a quick stop at College Ave and get back on the road to achieving your college dreams!

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